snowy day

16 01 2013

snowy day


Happy New Year!

31 12 2012


Happy New Year everyone!

I know this past year my blogging has been very sparse.  A lot did happen and for the most part, a lot of it was hard to put down in words.  BUT, as 2012 comes to a close, I do want to acknowledge some things that went on this past year…

I am VERY thankful for my new job.  I started a new job with a new department January 2012 and I am LOVING it.  No more terror and mistreatment from my former boss.  Instead, every day I went into a very warm and happy work environment, filled with co-workers and supervisors who actually cared about the departments’ well-being.  Definitely worth the transition and I can’t believe I stuck around in that previous situation for so long. 

With the new job, I was actually able to have Fridays off for about 11 months this year.  The days off came at such a great time in my life.  Ever since we had moved to the Boston area, my life had been at full speed, high pressure, full of time constraints.  I went from working 2 jobs (1 FT, 1 PT) to working FT and PT grad student.  The PT graduate program was more like FT though because I finished in 2.5 years.  And as soon as I got my masters, I got pregnant.  Then, after the baby came, still working FT and managing the daycare situation.  So, finally, having Fridays off was such a cherishing to me.  I was able to really take a breather, slow down, have some alone time, go work out, go visit friends.  Even though I was managing my crazy life situations, the Lord knew that I really could use this breather.  And I took full advantage of it and loved every minute of it. 

With that said, at my new job, I’ve been steadily given more and more responsibilities so recently, I requested that they reinstate my FT status, working M-F.  Although I am sad to give up my off days on Fridays, I am very peaceful with the timing of it all.  Of course, I embrace my new responsibilities whole heartedly and am excited to see all the challenges that are coming.  Once again, I fully trust that the Lord is arranging all of my life situations and circumstances.  He has the best intentions and the best plan for me so I am willing to follow His leading and see where He will take me. 

So, even though the major change in my life in 2012 really was my new job, it did bring about a lot of adjustments along the way and a lot of conversations with the Lord regarding every step.  I am very thankful for all that the Lord has brought me through and looking forward to another year of many small and major experiences He will take us through!


2 11 2012

Remember this previous post about what we were trying to decide about our dining room built in cabinet? (previous post here)  Well, I finally made a decision to paint instead of poster-ing it.  So, here’s what happened…

First, I got Andy to paint over the primed surface with white paint…

Then I started to stencil the back but realized that I didn’t like how the stencil shapes were coming out… so… scratch that!

I realized that maybe the best thing to do is just to go the simple route.. STRIPES!

We painted the non taped parts…

Voila! Finished product… Still a little bit of touch ups here and there but it turned out rather well 🙂  The color adds the pop of color we were looking for and the stripes added the visual affects to make a statement for our built in cabinet.  What do you think? 🙂

subject to the sentimentality of the civic romance…

31 10 2012

Recently, I found out that at my old job, my former manager had thought that I was affiliated with a certain political party (one in which she looked down upon) simply because I never raved and ranted about politics and the party that she endorsed.  Upon hearing it, I felt this distinct feeling that she judged me and therefore did not like me because of my political stance (or whatever she believed was my political stance).  Regardless of how I feel about her and how she unjustly treated me, I do believe that everyone has the RIGHT to believe whatever they believe and to stand for whatever they want to stand for.  Even if I was not the same political party as she was, so what?  And what if I actually was the same party as her and just did not believe in dragging politics into the working environment?  Anyhow, I saw this article today on the Economist regarding voting philosophies and I thought of her.  I do believe that there are millions of Americans out there who like me, are subject to the sentimentality of the civic romance of voting and the belief that their vote (voice) matters.  But on that same note, a majority of those same Americans will also not make it an issue to others who do not share the same sentiments…. Thoughts?

current and future trend….

3 10 2012

I’m not sure if I’m excited or disturbed by this…

cartoon by: Arend van Dam and Cagle Cartoons

It must be boy thing….

25 07 2012

My 2 year old son recently started to rummage through his hamper in the morning for his favorite shorts to wear of late – his basketball shorts.  I am pretty sure I didn’t teach him this new habit of his and I sure hope that my husband had nothing to do with this as well.  It all started over the weekend when my son saw his dad put on basketball shorts as he was preparing to play basketball with some of his friends.  Lo and behold, my then already dressed son, runs into his room and a few minutes later I hear “Mommy, my shoe is stuck”.  So, I wander into his room and find him trying to take off whatever he was wearing to put on his basketball shorts, something he had found in his drawer somehow.  Every morning since then (the past 4 days now) he somehow manages to take off his jammie pants before I get him dressed and pull out his basketball shorts from the hamper and puts them on.  He tells me “mommy, I NEED my basketball shorts”.  Ew. It’s from the hamper babe.  This morning I was finally able to convince him that his basketball shorts truly are dirty and that what he was wearing was perfectly acceptable.  I guess I should buy more basketball shorts huh??

This digging through the hamper thing really must be a boy thing….

HOT summer days…

21 06 2012

Teeeeeheeee…. FINALLY, summer has arrived! 😀